Welcome to Luit Valley Academy.T.R Phukan Road,Nehru Park,Jorhat,Assam

Rules & Regulations

  • Students are to be regular and punctual in attending classes.At least 80% attendence in each subject is compulsory, failing which the student will be fined in various categories.In this case a student failing to appear in classes on medical ground will have to produce proper medical certificate issued by goverment doctor and other documents, regarding this 12% attendence on medical ground can be considered by the authority.

  • The courses of studies in Luit Valley Academy are full time courses.No Student can take any other full time course like polytechnic,ITI etc concurrently.

  • Student should bring College Diary and Identity Card every day with them.Students must maintain college diary and record book properly, which must be deposited at the end of the session to the authority. The loss of the college diary ,record book or identity card should be informed to the Principal immediately.

  • After an absence from class,student must bring to the principal the reason for their absence duly entered in the college diary.

  • Fees once paid will not be refunded.

  • The students having practical subjects must complete their practical as per syllabus on or before the date fixed by the concerned department and must submit their practical copies, projects etc.within due dates.

  • Students are to obey / follow the policies, rules and regulations of the institute as amended from time to time.

  • Students shall maintain perfect silence in the class rooms and desist from demonstration or disorderly behaviour.

  • A student who remains absent for 15 days without proper authorization from the principal will have his stuck off from the student attendence register and may not be readmitted.

  • The  college property must be handled carefully.Will be imposed upon the student concerned,if detected, for any change / loss of the college property.Otherwise the damage so caused will be realised collectively by imposing fine from each student.

  • Smoking,Chewing of bettlenut, gutkhas etc.alcoholic drinks and any sort of drugs are strictly forbidden.

  • Spitting on the walls and stair cases will be viewed seriously.The students detected involving in such activities will be highly penalized.

  • In no case, the students will be allowed to bring mobile phones to the college campus.Before entering the college campus the students carrying mobile phones will have to deposit their cells in the custody of the security personnel stationed in front of the college gate, falling which a penalty of Rs. 500 / will be imposed on such student and the handset will be confiscated on default of payment of the imposed fine.However, students will be allowed to use college telephone in case of emergency.

  • If any student fails to appear in any internal examination theguardian should personally inform the principal within 48 hours in written from otherwise a fine of Rs. 100/ per subject will be imposed.

  • Students shall keep their bicycles locked in the space provided for this purpose.No bicycles shall be parked in any other part of the college campus.Use of motor bike is strictly prohibited in the college and in college uniform.

  • Violation of the above mentioned rules and regulations and any other indisciplined activities like loitering in the corridors or in front of the class rooms,making noisy situation , insubordination ,unbecoming language or indecorous conduct including teasing etc. and any misbehavior of a serious nature are liable to bring about disciplinary action.Disciplinary action may involve Parents call  /or written apology from the students / or warning / or fine or /suspension from classes or from the examinations /or from use of the college library/ or even expulsion from the college as such as the situation demands.

  • In the matters which are not covered in above rules and regulations, the decision of the Authority /Governing Body/Management Committee of Luit Valley Academy shall be final and binding to the studnet and his/her guardian.