Welcome to Luit Valley Academy.T.R Phukan Road,Nehru Park,Jorhat,Assam

Rector's Desk

The roots of education are bitter but the fruit is sweet.

Monoj Jyoti Hazarika
M.Sc, P.hd. (Chem)


At Luit Valley Academy ,we are fully aware that students are the reason for our existence.So,we take our responsibility very seriously.
While welcoming you all here,I would like to tell you why your choice of this academy is a very good one.
Here ,we do not consider students to be merely marks acquiring machines.Our look at  a student's future is not limited to whether he/she gets admitted to a professional college.We look at his/her future fifteen years down the line.There,more than his marks,the knowledge he has acquired will help him forge ahead.Marks automatically follow knowledge.We work with our students not as a "bunch of children" but as unique individuals,with unique requirements.The object is to strengthen the strengths and remove the weakness,that results in the all round growth of each individual.
Believe me, your choice of this academy is probably is best.A bright future beckons you and we aim to give a jump start into that future.
Thank you so much.We wait anxiously to work together to make our students future brightest.